Fidelis Macro Global Fund

Self Managed, Open Ended,
Multi Class, Expert Fund

fidelis macro global fund

A truly diversified portfolio of various asset classes with products from around the world

Investment Objective

Generate Long-Term Absolute Return.

Investment Approach

  • Diversifying: The strategy offers the potential to benefit from price trends across a broad set of global asset classes. It can also be a diversifying addition to existing portfolios – seeking different sources of potential return.

  • Seeks to Profit from Market Trends: The strategy seeks to invest when a trend is underway. As prices eventually respond and overreact to information, the strategy is positioned to potentially profit from the continuation of the trend.

  • Seeks to Reduce Risk: The strategy is designed to smooth overall volatility of portfolio over time and seeks to reduce risk in declining markets, where a short position can enable the strategy to profit from declines.

Building blocks

  • Strategy Mix

    • Directional – Single Asset – Long and Short

    • Delta Neutral – Single or Multi Asset – Long and Short

  • Asset Mix

    • Diversification = Asset Class and Geographic Diversification

    • Liquidity = Only highly liquid assets are included

  • Risk Management

    • Stay away from fear and greed = Systematic and Disciplined Approach

    • No counter party risk


A Category 1 Global Business Company with Company No. 157747C1/GBL (Licence # C118023140), incorporated on 19th July 2018 under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius as a public company limited by shares under the Companies Act 2001, as amended and licensed under the Financial Services Act 2007, as amended and the Securities Act 2005 as a self-managed open-ended multi-class expert fund.