Fidelis Macro Global Fund

Global investment managed fund
dedicated to delivering results
for our investors

about us

Our investment strategies are based on quantitative research with innovation adhering to strict risk management principles aimed at generating consistent returns.

Our culture demands and rewards analytical rigor and adherence to the highest ethical and legal standards. We believe that; a transformative idea that ultimately works in ever changing market is – to change with market and modify strategy and to constantly look for a new trading model. We’ve learned that when an extraordinary team sets extraordinarily ambitious goals, astonishing breakthroughs can be achieved.


To be a trusted and preferred investment partner, by consistently focussing on long term client needs by offering them most trusted and consistent wealth creation opportunities to help them achieve their financial goals while adhering to the highest standards of transparency and integrity.


We highly value the trust you have placed on us and we are unequivocally driven to provide you with the most transparent and reliable environment. We truly believe that a strong public confidence can be nurtured by providing stability, security and credibility.